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I’m Garrett. I’m a Math/Data/ML guy. I’m a nerd who loves to learn. I’m addicted to the feeling you get when you finally understand something. I am inspired by the people I consider to be the best STEM teachers in the world. Like contemporary ML researcher Chris Olah and the iconic Richard Feynman, I want to “understand things and explain them clearly”.

I’m currently the Director of Data Science at Stocktwits / Trade App working on Data Products, Data/ML infrascture and ML Ops. Basically, I build software “powered” by data – and the infrastructure to deliver and maintain it – to improve and personalize the user experience in our apps. I’m also an Instructor at Metis, teaching part-time professional development classes in Beginner Python and Math for Data Science and Introduction to Data Science.

In a past life I was an actuary making educated guesses of the value of uncertain things using probability, simulation and financial theory. Yes, I passed all of those darn exams.

My academic background is in Math and Computer Science. I got my BA in Mathematics with minors in Finance and Statistics from TCNJ, a small state school in New Jersey. My MS is in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning and Interactive Intelligence from Georgia Tech.

When I’m not thinking about math and data I’m probably thinking about basketball or the Avett Brothers.

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